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The Affordable Housing Crisis in Rural America: Assessing the Federal Response

Printed Hearing 116-74.

here for the ARCHIVED WEBCAST of this hearing

Click here for the Committee Memorandum.


  • H.R.____, “Strategy for Rural Housing Preservation Act of 2019” [DRAFT]

  • H.R.____, The “RHV_12” [DRAFT]

  • H.R.____, The “Rural Housing Preservation Act of 2019” [DRAFT]

  • H.R.____, The “VAWA Protections for Rural Women Act of 2019” [DRAFT]

  • H.R.____, The “Panett_09” [DRAFT]


Witness List

  • Gideon Anders, Senior Staff Attorney, National Housing Law Project

  • Stan Keasling, President, National Rural Housing Coalition

  • David Lipsetz, Chief Executive Officer, Housing Assistance Council

  • Andres Saavedra, Senior Program Officer, Rural Local Initiatives Support Corporation

  • Tanya Eastwood, President, Council for Affordable and Rural Housing


Hearing Videos


    Webcast of the Hearing


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