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An Examination of Facebook and Its Impact on the Financial Services and Housing Sectors

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 | 10:00 | 2128 RHOB

Printed Hearing 116-63.

here for the ARCHIVED WEBCAST of this hearing

Click here for the Committee Memorandum.


  • H.R. ____, the ‘‘Keep Big Tech Out of Finance Act.’’ [DRAFT]
  • H.R. ____, the ‘‘Stablecoins are Securities Act of 2019.’’ [DRAFT]
  •  H.R. ____, to prohibit the listing of certain securities. [DRAFT]
  •  H.R. ____, the ‘‘Designing Accounting Safeguards To Help Broaden Oversight and Regulations on Data.’’ [DRAFT]
  •  H.R. ____, the ‘‘Diverse Asset Managers Act.’’ [DRAFT]

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Webcast of the Hearing


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