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Virtual Hearing - Justice for All: Achieving Racial Equity Through Fair Access to Housing and Financial Services

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 | 10:00 | Cisco WebEx
Click here for the ARCHIVED WEBCAST of this hearing.

Click here for the Committee Memorandum.


  • H.R. 123, the "FHA Additional Credit Pilot Program Reauthorization Act."
  • H.R. 1277, the "Improving Corporate Governance Through Diversity Act."
  • H.R. 281, the "Ensuring Diverse Leadership of 2019."
  • H.R. 68, the "Housing Fairness Act of 2021."
  • H.R. ___, a bill to address discrimination in appraisals.
  • H.R. ____, a bill to diversify the Federal Home Loan Bank Board of Director.
  • H.R. ____, a bill to provide down payment assistance.
  • H.R. ____, the "Diversity Data Accountability Act."
  • H.R. ____, the "Diverse Investment Advisers Act."
  • H.R. ____, the "Making FHA Work for Borrowers with Student Debt Act."
  • H.J.Res. ____, Resolution of Disapproval on the OCC’s Community Reinvestment Act Final Rule.
  • H.R. ____, the "Federal Reserve Racial and Economic Equity Act."
  • H.R. 166, the "Fair Lending for All Act."
  • H.R. ____, the "Promoting and Advancing Communities of Color Through Inclusive Lending Act."
  • H.R. ____, the "Minority Business Emergency Grants Act."
  • H.R. ____, the "Minority Business Development Administration Act."
  • H.R. ____, the "Home Loan Quality Transparency Act."
  • H.R. ____, the "Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Banking Act."
  • H.R. ____, the "Expanding Opportunity for MDIs Act."
  • H.R. ____, a bill to promote language access in mortgage servicing
  • H.R. ____, the "Ensuring Diversity in Community Banking Act."
  • H.R. ____, the "Federal Reserve Bank Board Diversity Act [PDF]
  • H.R. ____, the "Diversity in Financial Regulatory Advisory Committees Act "
  • H.J.Res. ____, Resolution of Disapproval on HUD’s Preserving Community and Neighborhood Choice Rule (85 FR 47899).
  • H.R. ____, the "LEP Data Acquisition in Mortgage Lending Act."
  • H.J.Res. ____, Resolution of Disapproval on HUD’s Disparate Impact Rule (85 FR 60288).

Witness List

Hearing Video

Webcast of the Hearing


  • H.R. 6790, The "Business Borrowers Protection Act."
  • H.R. 6790, The "Business Borrowers Protection Act."
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