Chairman Jeb Hensarling

In his eighth term in Congress, Jeb Hensarling works to advance conservative, free market principles and to reduce the size, scope, expense, and intrusiveness of the federal government.

Praised in press reports as “an economic disciple of the Founding Fathers” and an “updated version” of Texas’s Lone Ranger for his sometimes lonely battle against Washington’s “world of earmarks, subsidies and tax preferences,” Jeb has risen to several positions of leadership in the House since he was first elected in 2002. 

Currently serving as Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Jeb has made the committee Congress’ most productive by passing more bills than any other committee, to include getting the most significant pro-growth banking deregulation bill in nearly a generation signed into law and passing important capital formation reform with overwhelmingly bipartisan support. 

For his command of the issues and commitment to conservative principles, Jeb has consistently been chosen by his congressional colleagues to serve in various leadership roles. Before his current assignment as chairman of a major committee, Jeb served as chairman of the Republican Conference – the fourth highest-ranking position in the Republican leadership. 

Prior to that, Jeb served as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee – the largest caucus in the House. In recognition of his economic expertise, Jeb was also appointed to serve on the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, and co-chair of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

Born in Stephenville, Texas, Jeb grew up working on his father’s farm near College Station where he learned the value of hard work and later became an Eagle Scout.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics at Texas A&M University in 1979 and went on to earn his law degree from the University of Texas. Jeb spent 10 years in the private sector as an officer in an investment management firm and an electricity retail company.

He and his wife, Melissa, live with their two children and split time between Dallas and Henderson County, and are members of St. Michael and All Angels Church.