Sunday Video Message | Rep. Shelley Moore Capito
Posted by on July 28, 2013

Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit Subcommittee Chairman Shelley Moore Capito (Facebook | Twitter) delivers this week's Sunday Video Message on the PATH Act. The Protecting American Taxpayers and Homeowners Act was approved by the full committee on Wednesday.
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  • Diane Drew commented on 7/28/2013
    Good, and delighted to hear Representative Capito's remarks. When will Congress put pressure on banks to help home owners refinance their mortgages? My bank, Wells Fargo, was helped out by my tax dollars in 2008. They denied me and my husband lower interest rates because we do not make enough money. We would laugh at this response if it were not so serious. When will Congress really help the homeowners? Thank you. Diane drew
  • diane drew commented on 7/28/2013
    When will Congress really help homeowners and not banks and their lobbyists? Our bank, Wells Fargo, denied us refinancing of our home mortgage because we do not make enough money. Wish Congress said that to Wells Fargo in 2008. Congress used tax payer money to bail out the banks. Not asking for a bail out; asking for lower interest rate on our home mortgage.
  • Roger Rinaldi commented on 7/28/2013
    Madam Representative, I am not yet through the PATH Act, but I am digesting it. My biggest concern is the intention to create a National Mortgage Registry (similar to MERS) that ratifies the fraudulent transfers of mortgage notes and mortgages we are experiencing today. As a litigant/paralegal working five years in foreclosure defense, the actions of the banks are unconscionable regarding fraudulent foreclosures and fraudulent proofs of claim in bankruptcy courts. Abuse of process and actual racketeering practices are being used to confiscate homeowners properties without regard to their due process and Constitutional rights. I know, I speak from experience. If the United States Treasury Department is indeed the Real Party In Interest taking the proceeds of title from these foreclosures, it will be exposed. Any mortgaged assets touched by the TARP transaction (ML1) are being taken by non-parties to the transactions. SERVICERS are executing foreclosures and taking title in other parties names. Fannie/Freddie specify in AllRegs that the servicers should take title to the land via foreclosure and create title in the name of Fannie or Freddie under cover of undisclosed documents. ALLY via the ResCap Bankruptcy is using a business plan based in fraud to fund their enterprise. Robo signing is the tip of the iceberg; the empty REMIC trusts and subsequent tax liabilities yet to befall the investor class are as yet unfelt. I would welcome your comments, or better, a email address that can accept some pdf. attachements that detail our fraud claims in and out of bankruptcy. Yours truly, Roger Rinaldi 22311 121st st, Bristol, WI 53104 262-222-3042
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