Sunday Video Message | Rep. Scott Garrett
Posted by on August 04, 2013

Capital Markets & GSEs Subcommittee Chairman Scott Garrett (Facebook | Twitter) delivers this week's Sunday Video Message -- our last before the August District Work Period -- on the PATH Act.  
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  • Steve Crisp commented on 8/4/2013
    I am sorry, I don't buy it. I have been in real estate for 30 + years and watched every government program come along and do the same thing. When you create a socialist society which gives away perks like low interest rates and or no down programs you may create a small boom market and the resulting inevitable crash which simply takes all the gains from those who worked hard. The problem is thanks to your and your peers timeless wisdom the free market can no longer function. Any growth we have seen in the last few years is based only on supply and demand dynamics. We only require a stable business environment where supply and demand make the market, not a cheep program fix of any sorts. People have to take ownership of their own futures, save for downs and be responsible. Government has to turn loose of this fix it all mentality! You want to do something really good for the good old USA then Leave the housing market alone. Let supply and demand work its course. Close Fannie and Freddie, USDA, and all the rest of the give away programs and support HR 25 the Fair tax and quit redistributing the wealth to all your buddies while you exempt yourselves in the process. Regards, Steve
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