Egregious Ex-Im Bank Deal of the Day
Posted by Staff on August 08, 2014

e•gre•gious -- outstandingly bad; shocking.

“While You’re Away on Vacation…”

Before President Obama leaves tomorrow for his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, we have a suggested day-trip he could make when he gets bored after his umpteenth round of golf and the inevitable campaign fundraiser: he could visit the millions of taxpayer dollars “invested” by the Export-Import Bank into Evergreen Solar between 2009-2010.

It’s just a 3-hour drive from Martha’s Vineyard (even quicker with Air Force One!).

Oh, wait.  Nope.  Never mind.  He CAN’T visit Evergreen Solar.

  • In 2011, the company filed for bankruptcy, packed up and moved production to China – laying off 800 workers.

Note to White House advance staff:  Please don’t confuse Evergreen Solar with Solyndra, another failed “green energy” company that received Ex-Im’s corporate welfare.  That’s in one of the other 57 states.


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