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Posted by on May 24, 2013
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  • Concerned Citizen commented on 5/26/2013
    Amazing that you spend so much time giving a monologue that's crafted as a tirade against Jack Lew, when you throw so much garbage (basically a rant) at him on stuff that has nothing to do with his responsibilities. You're not a leader, you're a windbag. You also traffic in partial truths... just enough to make your arguments defend-able in part-- which allows you to avoid having to acknowledge that you're generally not fully informed on the issues you rant about. This is what you politicians do... you slice and dice the simple logic of being honorable and just, into stilted half-truths that when acknowledging only half the truth, appear robust and honorable--sadly that's what's become passable for doing a politician's job. You're supposed to be in Washington making pro-active forward-looking laws and rules that adjust and reform incentives, so that people behave in ways that serve or at least do not harm, Society. Instead, all you guys do over there in DC is waste time and money doing nothing but whining. Spend less time blowing wind, and more time passing laws. Low interest rates help a lot of people with their monthly mortgage rates, but to your credit, they also harm fixed-incomes of seniors-- this wouldn't all be necessary (people do generally believe Bernanke is doing a good job, saving your @sses in Congress sinec you do nothing on the Fiscal front. Fix the tax code, and get American' corporations spending on wage increases. Stop the witch hunt and footdragging on legislation that has already passed, and get onboard with Insurance Exchanges-- and tell your Republican peers to do the same. It's a huge waste of time to listen to you guys ramble on and on AFTER THE FACT about stuff that better laws would have eliminated. Get in gear and stop legislating in the rear view mirror. Admit that at 65 years old you've lost a step and that you need a team to keep you up to speed on how this country and the economy actually works. Vote AGAINST HR 992 and the other attempts by the banks to water down Dodd-Frank. Where were YOU on May 7th when they voted? Don't be a hypocrite and lambast publicly what you don't support privately.
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