Weekend Must Reads
Posted by on June 15, 2013

Fortune: The Fed's other trillion dollar problem

The amount of money banks have at the Fed recently reached 13 digits, for the first time ever.

Bloomberg: New Home Prices Say What’s Different This Time

Although no two business cycles are alike, most share some common characteristics. The interest-rate-sensitive sectors of the economy -- housing and manufacturing -- tend to lead on the way up and the way down, for obvious reasons. Inflation ebbs during the recession and in the early stages of the recovery. Credit creation drives the upswing.

CNBC: Are Markets Facing a Crisis of Confidence?

The rout in global financial markets that has spared few asset classes extended into Thursday, with Asian stocks plunging across the board, led by a 6 percent fall in Japan's benchmark Nikkei 225 in the morning session.

New York Post: Interest rates getting a lot more interesting

Ben Bernanke has a big problem: The financial markets aren’t behaving themselves any more. 

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