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Bachus: America Speaking Out Initiative Will Bring Real Dialogue to Washington

WASHINGTON, May 25, 2010 -

- Financial Services Committee Ranking Member Spencer Bachus today said the America Speaking Out (ASO) initiative is the latest effort by House Republicans to ensure real voices are heard in Washington and will guide the debate.

"The American people are tired of being ignored when it comes to issues like continued government bailouts and cutting wasteful spending," Bachus said.  "Our citizens have a great deal to contribute to the national debate over controlling the size and cost of the federal government, and the ‘America Speaking Out' initiative is an innovative way to make sure their voices are heard."

Through, Americans have a platform to submit policy solutions and to engage in debate on a wide range of issues, including those impacting American prosperity and fiscal accountability.  ASO also allows users to share information and debate these ideas online.

"Real change will come from those who demand it, and the America Speaking Out initiative provides the right platform to capture these ideas and turn them into policy," Bachus said. 

The ASO initiative will aid in creating a new policy agenda for Congress that partners House Republican principles with the ideas that are directly promoted by the American people.  Citizens can submit an idea or priority for the new agenda, as well as join the debate and vote on ideas, by visiting


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