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Financial Services Committee Schedule Update On H.R. 1148

Washington, December 7, 2011 - The Committee on Financial Services announced today that the markup of H.R. 1148, the STOCK Act, previously scheduled for December 14 will be postponed.

A significant number of members of the Committee on both sides of the aisle have indicated a desire for additional time to study this issue before the Committee moves forward with the markup that was announced for December 14.  In addition, the bill has been referred to five other House committees.  Therefore, in the interest of crafting the best bill possible that addresses the public’s concern that Members of Congress may be trading on non-public information, the markup will be re-scheduled after  consultation and coordination with the other committees of jurisdiction.

“It is absolutely imperative that legislation addressing this important issue be approved by the House.  We will move forward in a thoughtful and reasoned way,” said Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus.

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