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MEDIA BUZZ: Discrimination Getting Worse at CFPB, Employees Say But Democrats Ferociously Want to Change the Subject

Washington, June 29, 2015 -


Dems’ Defense of CFPB: Let’s Talk About Something Else

“House Democrats decried a hearing Thursday on allegations of discrimination and retaliation by management at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau”

“Democrats largely declined to ask questions of two agency whistleblowers who testified of a ‘dysfunctional’ civil rights office that has allowed discrimination and retaliation to take place.”

“When asked, both witnesses said they did believe in the mission of the CFPB, but concurred with Republicans that the agency needed a new director.”


Racial Tension Erupts at House Hearing on Discrimination at CFPB

“The three-year-old agency has been struggling with internal tensions as some employees say they’ve been the victims of racial, gender and age bias.”

“Two CFPB staffers testifying before a Financial Services oversight panel told lawmakers Thursday that CFPB’s atmosphere is ‘soulless’ and that things have been getting worse.”

“Senior Equal Employment Specialist Florine Williams said that she had never seen such discrimination problems in her 32 years of government service.”

“Williams said the bureau has yet to reprimand anyone for discrimination in her two years on the job, ‘despite my repeated attempts to bring to the attention of CFPB’s senior management.’” 


CFPB employees: Workplace discrimination getting worse, leadership absent

“The House Financial Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee held a hearing Thursday and heard shocking new evidence from employees of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about discrimination and retaliation at their workplace”

“The Committee first began investigating allegations of widespread discrimination and retaliation against CFPB employees in April of 2014. What they heard today from CFPB employees is that it’s actually gotten worse since then”

“‘Director Cordray’s inaction over the past year has created a more discriminatory, challenging, and intimidating workplace for CFPB employees,’ she said.”

“Cauldwell was equally damning in his testimony.  ‘Never until my employment at the CFPB have I witnessed such blatant and willful disregard for the law, merit system principles, and the well-being of its employees,’ he said.”


Congressional Hearing on Discrimination Leads to Partisan Mudslinging on Race, Confederate Flag

“Republicans on the Financial Services Committee were quick to point out the irony of the situation, given the agency’s anti-discrimination mission.”

“‘How can the CFPB address racial discrimination in banks if they have the same problem?’ asked Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C.”

“‘It is disheartening that after three congressional hearings and nearly two years of my attempts to address these issues internally that no appreciable progress has been made,’ said Florine Williams, a senior civil rights official at the bureau.”

“Holding up a stack of paper four inches thick of discrimination complaints by CFPB employees, Hensarling vowed to continue investigating the alleged culture of discrimination and retaliation within the bureau, saying ‘we would be derelict of our duty if we didn’t hold these hearings.’”

“‘The minority of this committee wishes to turn a blind eye when we see discrimination in government,’ he said. ‘We will not allow the Democrat side of the aisle to change the subject.’”


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