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Waters Strongly Opposes Garrett’s Nomination to Lead Ex-Im

Today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Ranking Member of the Committee on Financial Services, issued the following statement opposing President Trump’s official nomination of former Representative Scott Garrett, a staunch opponent of the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im), to serve as its next president:

“Despite all the claims Trump made over the course of his campaign, the selection of former right-wing Representative Scott Garrett to serve as the next president of the Export-Import Bank again makes clear that he is no friend of American manufacturers or workers. As a member of the Financial Services Committee, which is charged with overseeing and reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank’s charter, Garrett was among the most rabid opponents of the Ex-Im Bank and its role in leveling the playing field for American exporters. Before losing his seat in Congress following the outrage over his homophobic views, Garrett frequently mischaracterized the role of the Bank—ignoring the tens of thousands of hardworking American families whose livelihoods are tied to the agency’s support for U.S. exports. Garrett even voted against reauthorizing the agency after an overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans joined together in using a discharge petition to force a vote on the House floor.

“To strengthen American competitiveness and U.S. manufacturing the Ex-Im Bank needs a functioning quorum on its board and a president and chairman who is committed to advancing the agency’s mission to support the wide range of U.S. exporters and their workers who depend on the Ex-Im Bank to compete in the global marketplace. Having worked tirelessly with my colleagues in both chambers to overcome the obstruction of ideologues like Garrett in securing the Bank’s reauthorization, it’s clear to me that the damage the Bank’s opponents have already done to American manufacturing is almost certain to get worse with Garrett in charge of setting the Bank’s policies and agenda.

“I urge all senators who support keeping America competitive to reject giving license to Garrett to destroy Ex-Im from within.”


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