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Letter to Boeing: American Companies Should Not Be Complicit In Weaponizing the Iranian Regime


Washington, June 17, 2016 -

WASHINGTON – Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL) and Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) are asking Boeing questions about its negotiations to sell aircraft to Iran.

“American companies should not be complicit in weaponizing the Iranian Regime,” the members of Congress said in a letter sent on Thursday to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg.  “In light of recent reports that a deal is imminent, we seek information to assist the U.S. Congress in determining the national security implications of a potential sale of Boeing aircraft to Iran.”

The letter can be found here.

Congressman Roskam serves as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, where he chairs the Oversight Subcommittee.  Congressman Hensarling is chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.


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