Sunday Video Message | Rep. Keith Rothfus
Posted by on June 30, 2013

Pennsylvania Congressman Keith Rothfus (Facebook | Twitterdelivers this week's Sunday Video Message. He shares his reaction to Wednesday's full committee hearing on "Too Big to Fail" in the post-Dodd-Frank world.

Spoiler Alert! Dodd-Frank did not, does not and will not end Too Big to Fail. 

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  • Pamela Langrall commented on 7/1/2013
    Do you realize that a Trillion is 1,000 Billion? Do you know that after the Uptick Rule for short selling was removed on July 6, 2007, it is said that 15 Trillion dollars left our markets and the pocketbooks of our investors, corporations, employees, Municipal and State operating accounts, pensions, and anything having to do with equities, because the removal of the 1938 Rule allowed short sellers to sell any and all stocks straight to the basement without an Uptick in Price requirement. The SEC's removal of that rule which was in effect for over 70 years, and which stabilized our markets is indefensible. Reinstate the Uptick Rule (circuit breakers are useless), and those Trillions will come back into our markets, and the taxes from Investment activity will surely provide. It is a no brainer, folks.
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