Sunday Video Message | Rep. Randy Neugebauer
Posted by on July 21, 2013

Housing & Insurance Subcommittee Chairman Randy Neugebauer (Facebook | Twitter) delivers this week's Sunday Video Message on the PATH Act. The full committee will markup the PATH Act this Tuesday at 10:15 a.m. Read more about the act -- including how it sustains the 30-year fixed rate mortgage and enables FHA to play an expanded role in times of crisis -- on our Bottom Line Blog
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  • Debbie Read commented on 7/22/2013
    Please explain to me where in our Constitution the federal govt is authorized to get involved in when, where, & how We The People purchase a home. I would be ecstatic if the govt would butt out of this area along w/thousands x other areas the govt meddles in, screws up then bails out!!!!
  • Larry Taylor commented on 7/22/2013
    Less government and more private sector involvement will be better for taxpayers, homeowners, real estate industry and financial other words better for America.
  • Billy mayfield commented on 7/22/2013
    I agree 100% on path act
  • Mark Shackelford commented on 7/23/2013
    Getting Government out of every aspect of our lives is the best goal for government. Why politicians think they know better how to run everything from A to Z is beyond comprehension. Every thing government touches becomes inefficient and cost prohibitive. The private sector will regulate itself for the most part. When a company screws people, they will quit using those products. Get out of our lives and provide only those services provided for in the Constitution.
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