Media Buzz: On 20-0 Vote, Subpoenas Approved in Investigation of CFPB
Posted by Staff on April 30, 2014

Republicans and Democrats on the House Financial Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee voted 20-0 to subpoena two CFPB officials and a union representative as part of its ongoing investigation into allegations of discrimination and retaliation at the Bureau.

Wall Street Journal: House Panel Votes to Subpoena CFPB Officials

An investigative subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee voted 20-0 on Tuesday to send subpoenas to three CFPB officials, drawing support from Republicans and Democrats. Under the financial panel's rules, the subcommittee is allowed to authorize subpoenas.

Washington Post: House Panel Approves Subpoenas for CFPB Discrimination Probe

“For the sake of Angela Martin and other CFPB employees who are suffering, our investigation will move forward,” said Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Tex.), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. “All those engaged in reprehensible behavior at the CFPB must be held accountable.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Congressional Panel Votes to Subpoena Richard Cordray's Aides in Discrimination Probe

Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee's investigations and oversight subcommittee say it is also their duty to look into the matter so they can assure that Cordray's agency is operating properly. The subpoenas will demand that three employees – one official each from Cordray's equal opportunity and employee relations offices, and a union official who also works as an agency attorney – appear at a to-be-scheduled hearing.

Columbus Dispatch: Cordray Staffers Subpoenaed in Discrimination Probe

A House committee voted yesterday to subpoena a former Ohio congressional candidate as part of its ongoing investigation into discrimination at a consumer-watchdog agency headed by former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.

Toledo Blade: Konop Set to Testify in Bureau Bias Allegations

The committee is looking into allegations from bureau employee Angela Martin, a member of Mr. Konop’s union, that she was discriminated against because of her gender. An internal investigation commissioned by the agency found the consumer financial protection bureau to be a “toxic workplace."

American Banker: House Panel Votes to Subpoena CFPB Employees

A House Financial Services subcommittee unanimously approved subpoenas for three officials at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday, compelling them to testify about employee allegations of retaliation and discrimination at the agency.

The Hill: House Panel Subpoenas CFPB Officials on Discrimination Claims

“What we saw was a brand new agency establishing a very bad culture,” said Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), who heads the subcommittee. “We’ve tried to limit this in scope and try to understand this, and see where we need to take it.”


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