Committee Will Follow the Law on CFPB Testimony
Posted by on April 26, 2013

Chairman Jeb Hensarling 
announced this week that the committee cannot legally accept testimony from Richard Cordray on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) semi-annual report until he is legally installed as the CFPB Director.  However, the committee will continue to conduct rigorous oversight of the CFPB, and has already invited CFPB officials to testify at an upcoming hearing on the agency’s new Qualified Mortgage rule.  Chairman Hensarling explains why the committee cannot receive the CFPB’s semi-annual report from Cordray in the video above. 
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  • Troy Cyrus commented on 6/3/2013
    Kudos to you Mr. Chairman for enforcing the law and recognizing the constitutional limitations of the Executive branch.
  • Scott Wismer commented on 6/17/2013
    I completely agree, please keep up the Good Fight.
  • DORA GRIFFIN commented on 6/17/2013
    You are right about one thing, the cfpb makes it harder for consumers to borrow, particularly by picking winners and losers among the financial resources and further making consumers NOT responsible for their choices.
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