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  • Committee Announces Schedule for Week of October 24
    Oct 19, 2011 - The Financial Services Committee today released its planned schedule for the week of October 24. Witnesses for each hearing will be announced at later dates. All hearings will take place in room 2128 Rayburn. Tuesday, October 25: The International Monetary Policy and Trade Subcommittee will hold a h... More
  • On The Record: Community Bankers Speak Out On the Impact of Dodd-Frank Regulations
    Oct 17, 2011 - Obama Administration officials are frantically trying to convince the public that the 400 new regulations tucked inside the 2,300-page Dodd-Frank Act are having absolutely no impact on small town and mid-sized banks. None. Whatsoever. So just move on, OK? Nothing to see here. But, what are community... More
  • ‘Supercommittee’ Should Give as Much Emphasis to Economic Growth Proposals as Spending Cuts, Financial Services Committee Republicans Recommend
    Oct 14, 2011 - Republicans on the Financial Services Committee are urging the deficit reduction “supercommittee” to consider not only ways to cut spending but also ideas that will jumpstart the economy. In a letter signed by GOP members on the Financial Services Committee, the Republicans lay out detailed recommen... More
  • Secretary Geithner: Regulations Will ‘Raise Costs of Business’ but that is ‘the Necessary Outcome’
    Oct 12, 2011 - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner offered a revealing insight into the Obama Administration’s attitude about regulations on Thursday when he testified before the Financial Services Committee. After Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Randy Neugebauer told the Secretary he is worried... More
  • Subcommittee To Review Draft Legislation Modernizing Section 8 Housing Program
    Oct 12, 2011 - A proposal to modernize and reform the Section 8 housing voucher program will be discussed at a subcommittee hearing on Thursday. On June 16, the Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity Subcommittee released a discussion draft of legislation to streamline the operations and improve the effectiv... More
  • H.R. 2167, the Private Company Flexibility and Growth Act
    Oct 7, 2011 - H.R. 2167, introduced by Rep. David Schweikert, removes an impediment to capital formation for small companies by raising the shareholder threshold for mandatory registration with the SEC from 500 to 1,000 shareholders. The shareholder threshold was originally adopted in 1964 and has not been modern... More
  • H.R. 2940, the Access to Capital for Job Creators Act
    Oct 7, 2011 - H.R. 2940, introduced by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, removes the regulatory ban that prevents small, privately held companies from using advertisements to solicit investors for private offerings. Securities laws not only prohibit general solicitation and advertising but require investors to have an existin... More
  • H.R. 2930, the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act
    Oct 7, 2011 - H.R. 2930, introduced by Rep. Patrick McHenry, permits “crowdfunding” to finance new businesses by allowing companies to accept and pool donations up to $5 million without registering with the SEC. Crowdfunding is an innovative and lower-risk form of financing that enables several individuals to poo... More
  • The Small Company Job Growth and Regulatory Relief Act
    Oct 7, 2011 - The legislation, introduced by Rep. Stephen Fincher, expands the exemptions available to small companies from certain costly reporting requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Since 2007 the SEC has exempted small companies with a market capitalization of less than $75 million. Market participants ha... More
  • Subcommittee Advances 5 Bills to Promote Job Growth
    Oct 6, 2011 - Five bills that ease the regulatory burden on small businesses and emerging growth companies were approved by a Financial Services subcommittee yesterday. The proposals make it easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to access capital so their companies can grow and create jobs. “These proposa... More